Suggestions for


What other links or content should be added?

Mercatox link? Forums and explorer link?

What design changes would be good?


Add an adoption category so we can discuss new exchange listings, blogs/posts/articles/videos/reviews that can be upvoted/commented on, bounties for things like language translation of white paper / important info / mining tutorials etc

Add donation addresses for community funds that can be used for exchange listing fees, and be open about who controls it and what the community wants to do with it.


Maybe add an Education category for tutorials and how-to guides. Also Announcements and Support categories.


@Infernal_toast I did submit a pull request to the github for updating the page to include mercatox


Update the pools list to remove the old ones and add the new ones!
Also, the code is broken, it shows incorect global hashrate.


Great ! Submit to here next time its the uncompiled code


Pushing new changes…


Cool. I’ll make sure any PRs go in the right place next time.


Links to the latest miners would be good- since people keep coming to the Discord with support Qs for miners as old as the CPU-only miner. I posted a list of them here:

Thanks! Keep up the great work man!


@Infernal_toast New PR for IDEX to go on the homepage, I put it in the right place this time