Nametag Token


New concept:

this is called Hashtag Token.

Anyone can register a new unique string and then you get a token!

It is an ERC721 and the tokenid is the sha3(string).

so for example…. i just minted the token with the string ‘toast’ and so that is token with id #62744768545091260901464266458837108821566632368542367965518350216423002213564

With some Javascript, its extremely easy to see WHICH ACCOUNT holds that token and its extremely easy to calculate that ‘toast’ => that id number

function phraseToTokenIdHex(phrase)
var phraseBytes32 = web3utils.asciiToHex(phrase)
var paddedPhraseBytes32 = web3utils.rightPad(phraseBytes32,64)
var digest = web3utils.soliditySha3(paddedPhraseBytes32 )
return digest;
Therefore this means that it is extremely easy for any wallet to see which account is holding the ‘toast’ token!! This means that you can now send money to @toast and it will end up in my wallet!

So this lets us send money to aliases …. like twitter handles. Oh and we can trade the aliases! We can buy and sell them on OpenSea and other 721 exchanges.

Yay Ethereum!

P.S. This contract has gone through a few iterations to solve issues such as forcing lowercase and cleaning the solidity code. No version is final, this is just for testing.