Lava Relay Development Updates


Lavawallet relay is coming along

Now you can see a list of lava packets in the ‘mempool’ of the relay
those have been broadcasted to the relay from – the broadcast button works now(edited)

so now two things need to happen

  1. the relay needs to make sure the packets are legit (signature is valid )
  2. the relay needs to be able to actually submit the packet to the ethereum network via web3 calls


ultimate plan is to have two types of relays

  1. relayers who ONLY relay around the lava packets and the IP addresses of other relays(edited)
  2. relayers who ONLY accept lava packets and submit them to Ethereum
    group 1 would not be paid for their efforts and would make no $$, they would just be doing it out of kindness, like uTorrent
    group 2 would be paid in tokens and pay ETH while submitting the packets to mainnet