A few endorsements


Wanted to let everyone know we got a couple of cool endorsements for 0xBTC. Nice to see some industry folks taking notice. Especially in this silly mass /biz/ FUD.


“The 0xBTC community has been an amazing community to work closely with during the early days of Enclaves DEX. With a unique approach to token generation they have pioneered minable tokens on the Ethereum network creating a new class of token which is both equitably distributed and technically innovative.” https://medium.com/@adam.dossa

By: Adam Dossa (founder of Enclaves and lead developer of Polymath).


“Honestly, 0xBTC is the most interesting implementation of the Bitcoin Whitepaper since Bitcoin. If you haven’t read the whitepaper, do so now. It raises some incredible ideas.” https://twitter.com/rleshner/status/989389075399327744?s=21

By: Robert Leshner (CEO of Compound - which Coinbase just invested in as well as top VC Andreessen Horowitz).


Not an endorsement but 0xBTC was mentioned on Datadash on his 6/22/2018 livestream. https://youtu.be/zV4e8m0KzXc (6 minute mark).