A brief timeline of 0xBitcoin


02/06/2018 Infernal_Toast deploys the contract on MAINNET at https://etherscan.io/address/0xb6ed7644c69416d67b522e20bc294a9a9b405b31

02/06/2018 Infernal_Toast releases the NodeJS CPU Miner and announcements are made on /r/0xbitcoin , /r/tokenmining, /r/ethtraderpro, and /r/ethereum. https://github.com/0xbitcoin/0xbitcoin-miner

02/07/2018 A handful of miners are now slowly mining 0xBTC, discord chat starts to appear

02/18/2018 Discord community realizes that some accounts are mining WAY more blocks than the rest of us and we suspect someone built a faster GPU miner (in fact it was only a much better C++ miner) so a bounty was announced

02/21/2018 A community member named Zegordo comes forth and releases their faster C++ based extension for the CPU Miner This code is pulled into official miner repo which speeds up mining by 100x. Difficulty skyrockets and in general everyone feels as though they are back on the same playing field. Now we know it is a race for a GPU miner and only a matter of time.

02/25/2018 The community believes that there is already someone mining on the network with a GPU miner (it turns out that it is a solo anonymous programmer named Pizza)

02/28/2018 The first mining pool is released at TokenMiningPool.com https://github.com/0xbitcoin/tokenpool

03/01/2018 Pizza releases a mining pool at GPU.pizza which allows for closed-source GPU miningwith a locked miner. TokenMiningPool can only allow CPU mining still and so loses hashrate share

03/08/2018 The first open source GPU miner releases for CUDA (Nvidia cards) and it is able to mine tokenminingpool.com

03/10/2018 A user named MiningVisualizer releases an AMD GPU miner out of nowhere (!) called the MVI Miner. Everyone rejoices and can mine on tokenminingpool.com. More open-source friendly pools appear such as mike.rs shortly after and they gain share over GPU.pizza pool.

03/20 The 0xBitcoin whitepaper is released https://github.com/0xbitcoin/white-paper

03/24/2018 The EIP918 spec based on 0xBitcoin protocol is pulled into Ethereum Master https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/918

05/26/2018 Mercatox adds 0xBitcoin trading pairs

06/01/2018 0xBitcoin is added to CMC


I love these historical documentation! I can still remember how actively people were rushing to help with coding for the first opensource GPU miner. oh the cpu times on 0xpool and then suddenly piZza who took 80% of the network hashrate and finally we beat him! good times, but i’m more excited for the future! lavawallet, 0xbtc-exchanges! 0xbitcoin shapeshift and more!

Cheers, Toast!


The pizza days were really fun. I feel he/she was an essential contributor to the current trajectory of 0xbitcoin. PiZza was a positive and mysterious force, pushing the mining developers towards the possibility of GPU enabled software, all the while offering access to his/her closed source pool and software. 0xbitcoin would not be where it is today if not for the influence of this secretive and friendly programmer.

If you are reading this PizZa… thank you!


I think the DDOS events should be added in the historical timeline for 0xBitcoin, it shows that there are entities which are afraid of the success of 0xBitcoin and Mineable tokens (EIP918)

Also, this should also be remembered, because although some people from the Discord think it’s a LARP (the fake DDOSer) it’s still well documented.

Link to the reddit thread on /r/0xBitcoin: https://www.reddit.com/r/0xbitcoin/comments/8o86j1/ddos/
Link to the DDOS thread on biz: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S9733618#p9733618