0xBTC Ropsten Contract

Here is the latest test contract for 0xBTC on Ropsten:


Post your address here for some test tokens !

Alternatively, if you have Ropsten Ether and metamask, just go here and call the WIthdraw method for test 0xbtc from the faucet: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x4793b790179a248c26278c0b0e80909f98aecd42#writeContract

Alternatively Alternatively, here is a Ropsten 0xBTC contract which has already gone through one halvening. This is good for testing your code to make sure it will not have any issues when block rewards change from 50 to 25! Only important for pools/minting contracts really.


Man that’s crazy. I literally started learning how to build stuff with ethereum today and I was wondering where to get some ropsten 0xbtc. And this email comes through.

Can I get some? 0x5e79Dd0aF7d224edc5145c8b4d851850BB1A87d1

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YEP You are the proud new owner of 100 0xbtc satoastis on the Ropsten testnet!

That is 99 units so now you can use javascript libraries like Ethers.js to perform functions on them like Transfer, Approve, TransferFrom. And of course you can use Truffle to write custom smart contracts, deploy them to ropsten, and send the tokens into the contract. To test it out ! And it will all work exactly the same on Mainnet for higher amounts of course.

gl hf!!

P.S. You can hack mining 0xbtc software to mine tokens right out of the 0x1ed72f8092005f7ac39b76e4902317bd0649aee9 contract if you need more later?

ALSO you can get Ropsten ether here: https://faucet.metamask.io/

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Hi! Can you please send some:


More the merrier… thanks! I can put on a kind-of-a-faucet, if you like.

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Okay I sent you 100!

BTW this is a different ropsten 0xBTC contract; the previous one did not have validated code on Etherscan and had a slightly custom difficulty adjustment algo.This one at 0x1ed72f8092005f7ac39b76e4902317bd0649aee9 is identical to the mainnet contract and validated on Etherscan so it is ‘better’.


Now, when you say it, I realize that it is actually important to have the test/dev token identical to the real one with verified code, matching ABI, and all. I didn’t think about that.

Just for curiosity, do you (someone) need to mine this as well? Looks like some minting happened ~13 hours ago… so that explains why you don’t have millions of these in a stash, right?

yes and yes! You mine it just like the real thing. I booted up my old CPU miner, set the web3provider to ropsten and set the contract address to the ropsten contract and started CPU mining.