0xBTC Pool Protocol

Prior to 2020, 0xBTC mining pools have a poorly defined standard for the API to submit shares.

Going forward, the Mining Protocol will still use JSONRPC on port 8080, and it will use methods as follows [all hex addresses are strings] :

  • getPoolEthAddress() returns (ethAddress)

  • submit( args ) returns (true)
    Where args is an object formatted as { minerEthAddress: 0x…, Nonce: 0x… }

  • getChallengeNumber() returns (challengeNumber)
    When challengeNumber is a hex number string such as '0x15df… ’

  • getPoolProtocolVersion() returns ( version )
    Where version is a string such as ‘1.02’

  • getMinimumShareDifficulty() returns ( diff )

  • getMinimumShareTarget() returns ( target )

The major difference going forward is that the method submitShares will be abandoned for the method submit which uses an object instead of an array. This allows for greater flexibility. Thoughts ?